For Visit Zuid-Limburg, we were allowed to help realize their "Wow Room": a room where paintings come to life and striking figures from Valkenburg's past talk to each other about historical events.

For this room, we provided the video recording and final edits for all the individual "paintings. It was a special project where we used 5 cameras centered in a room to record the actors in one take. This also allowed the actors to actually look at each other and -point‖ during their discussion of the beautiful city and its history.

In the sample video, you only see a piece of "drivel" that plays when there are no visitors in the room, purely to lure visitors inside. Once in the room, the story begins and in 10 minutes you get an extraordinary explanation of Valkenburg's history by its historical figures.

Want to see the story? Then be sure to visit the VVV / Visit Zuid-Limburg in Valkenburg.

Visit South Limburg
project type:
January 2023
Supplied by us:
- Photography
- Venue
- Videography
- Editing