Meta What?

We are Metasuite {Meta-Swiet}

A full service visual agency specializing in fashion and corporate photography, videography and image editing.

We take care of everything from concept to realization. In doing so, we build on more than 20 years of experience and a trusted network. This allows us to provide everything from models to locations, marketing and more in addition to photo and videography.

Base of operations


We understand that you would like to work with a photographer who is based close by and Maastricht may feel a bit far, However, we are used to traveling and are happy to visit for an appointment.

For shoots, Maastricht and its surroundings is a unique location, which is why we choose the beautiful south. Our studio is right next to the center of Maastricht and in the middle of the Euregio. This offers completely different settings in every wind direction. That's why we love this region so much. From the wooded Ardennes and historic cityscapes to vast heathlands. You'll find it here on your doorstep. Just like our options for bad weather; castles, mansions, equestrian centers and industrial properties, the region is filled with them and we know our way around.