On a bright summer day, we had the unique opportunity to photograph at a special place: BC Moerveld. Located in the heart of the municipality of Meerssen, embraced by agricultural fields and the enchanting Bunderbos, this outdoor center is a green oasis of 1.2 hectares. We were immediately captivated by the green and inspiring surroundings and felt right at home.

One of the most striking aspects of BC Moerveld is its mission to become the Euroregion's first Band Ceramics Center. This initiative of the mOERveld Foundation puts the ancient farming culture, dating back as much as 7,000 years, on the map nationally and internationally. As a true source of inspiration, the past serves as a basis for the present and a sustainable future.

The passion that BC Moerveld and its staff exude inspired us and made the day complete. We are grateful that we were able to help capture this special venue and its fun activities.

BC Moerveld
project type:
May 2023
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- Photography