At Metasuite, we are fans of motorcycles, cool clothing and an urban look in photos. We were still missing the combination of these three in our portfolio, so we set to work on a completely in-house production in this style. Inspired by the Dutch clothing brand Vanguard, we started from their clothing and a particularly beautiful Moto Guzzi. The end result is a summery, cool mix that perfectly suits us.

We booked model Jesse through Sessibon and through them we ended up with Vanessa van den Beld, a top stylist who was happy to help us put together the outfit. We wanted a location in the Netherlands and Strijp-S in Eindhoven turned out to be the ideal place for a number of different styles. The end result, both in photography and videography you can see below.

Own work
project type:
July 2023
Supplied by us:
- Photography
- Video
- Location
- Model
- Makeup